How I got started

nce upon a time, my wonderful Mother bought me a spanking new Kindle for Christmas. There was much rejoicing in the small apartment where I lived, for now I could carry as many books in my purse as I wanted.

Nice try, but how am I supposed to fit my fully illustrated copy of War & Peace in there?

Soon I had traveled across Amazon with its wireless capabilities, and amassed a fortune of free literature.

I downloaded games, the Origin of Species, Alice in Wonderland, and textbooks for Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. (Don’t laugh, some of my best friends are math majors, and I needed to know what they were saying.)

Beyond my pile of new downloads lay uncounted self-published works for free. Oh, how I wanted to read them. But then I thought, “wouldn’t it be better to review them too?”

So I consulted the math majors, and it was agreed. I should start a blog.


One Comment to “How I got started”

  1. Here’s more free books for the Kindle that you can review – – The link takes you to a page on Amazon that lists them in bestseller order. I always find it uber funny that the best sellers are actually the GAMES 🙂

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